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Legal and financial translations

Legal translation

In the legal translation field, precision and rigour are the order of the day. This subject requires perfect mastery of the source and target languages and an in-depth knowledge of law and legalese.

I have had a multi-disciplinary educational background under my belt, so, for example, during my four-year law degree, I had the opportunity to fully understand English and Spanish legal texts and translate them accurately into French. I have taken courses in corporate law, civil law, commercial law and international law. I have become specialised over the years in the following areas:

My legal translations include the following documents:

  • Contracts
  • Company statutes
  • General terms and conditions
  • Records of hearings
  • Minutes
  • Confidentiality agreements

Financial translation

This subject requires thorough knowledge of accounting and financial vocabulary, as well as editorial skills. It seemed a natural progression after university for me to choose this area as one of my specialist subjects.

I translate the following, in particular:

  • Financial statements
  • Minutes of Board of Directors' Meetings
  • Audits: Statutory audits, briefing notes, recommendations, audit reports, special reports, contribution and merger reports
  • Institutional communication: Annual reports, quarterly and half-yearly financial results reports, strategic action plans, press kits and press releases, letters, company newsletters, corporate communication, etc.