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About me

I'm Céline. I have been a translator/proofreader since 2009.

I offer translations from English and Spanish into French.

A holder of a Masters 1 degree in Applied Foreign Languages (English-Spanish), I have also studied languages, law, finance, economics and marketing

I decided to complement these studies with a Masters 2 degree in international business (spirits).

These studies, taken partly overseas (2 semesters), was complemented by various training courses in Ireland, Spain and the United States.

I assumed various sales and marketing roles in the Bordeaux wine industry for seven years. Then, in 2009, I decided to devote myself fully to my real passion: languages.


Your project is unique; this is why I'm so attentive to your needs so that you receive the most suitable solution for you. Responsiveness, effectiveness and commitment are essential for the success of each project. As a professional translator, I truly care about the importance of checking each detail and using the right words to find the perfect translation.


• To provide accurate work
• To fully examine the documents before sending them
• To accept only the projects for which I am qualified
• To respect deadlines
• To fully respect confidentiality